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Cairns Adventure Film's
Unleashing the Adventurer
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Cairns Adventure Films offers world class productions that capture inspiring human stories and heart-stopping action. From exploring the furthest corners of the world comes stories of unbelievable strength and endurance together with breathing visuals. Join us for your next awesome armchair adventure, no passport needed.

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Women's Adventure Film Tour

 15th MARCH, Bulmba - Ja Cairns

The Women’s Adventure Film Tour is back for its 7th season bringing you a selection of 7 new short films that celebrate the inspiring women around us who are doing extraordinary things in the name of adventure.  

This year’s tour is headlined by the Australian film, MAKING IT, which follows pro surfer India Robinson, Australian netball representative Caitlin “C-Bass” Bassett and competitive skier Annabel Blake on their unrelenting pursuit of success for female athletes and the complex and often conflicting ideas of when one truly “make it”.  

Plus witness the destiny of a sherpa woman, run solo across 6 continents with Jenny Tough, experience free diving, ice climbing and much more.


26th April, Bulmba-Ja Cairns

Reel Rock is coming to Australia and New Zealand in March/April 2024! Immerse yourself in four gripping new climbing films from across the globe: a visionary first ascent on Japan’s mythical Mt. Mizugaki a climbing community held together in war-torn Ukraine; a treacherous free ascent of Jirishanca in the Peruvian Andes; and an exploration of Mallorca’s deep-water soloing. Reel Rock 18 is presented by The North Face and supported by Black Diamond.


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All Videos

All Videos
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REEL ROCK 18 Teaser - ANZ

REEL ROCK 18 Teaser - ANZ

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Women's Adventure Film Tour 2024 TRAILER - Full

Women's Adventure Film Tour 2024 TRAILER - Full

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Warren Miller's "ALL TIME" Official Trailer

Warren Miller's "ALL TIME" Official Trailer

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Cairns Adventure Films is a local business that brings  extraordinary adventure films from around the world to Queensland. Our mission is to provide the highest quality adventure films, showcasing the beauty of the natural world and inspiring people to get outdoors and explore.

We believe that adventure films play an important role in connecting people to the world around them and sparking a sense of curiosity and exploration. We strive to bring films to Queenslanders that take viewers on a journey showcasing inspirational people and places.

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